Frozen Movie

“Some People are worth melting for.” This quote is by Olaf who is one of the main characters in movie Frozen which was released in the year of 2013. This movie is the most watched and loved animated movie of all time. The movie Frozen budget was $150 million but it made so much more in the box office as it was $1.276 billion. This movie running time is 102 minutes but one thing is for sure and that is in this time you will be entertained to the fullest. Frozen tells the story of two princesses named Anna and Elsa. Elsa is the older sister to Anna and she has a power to turn everything into ice. Elsa doesn’t know how to control her power so one day she accidentally hurts her younger sister Anna. Anna is taken to trolls who are able to make Anna better but they warn the king of a danger if Elsa doesn’t learn how to control her powers. Frozen is one of the most popular animated movies as the characters in this movie especially Anna, Elsa, and Olaf are famous all over the world. Here on this site you will find some of the best frozen movie pictures and galleries of all the characters in this movie. Please see some of the other posts with more of your favorite characters from the movie Frozen.